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Some of your wedding vendors need to change…

…their clothes!

After all, it’s a wedding.  Every person working at a wedding while guests are around– whether a photographer, a coordinator or a waiter– should at least blend in.  That is, everyone should be dressed at least as well as the average guest.

And yet, I’m constantly amazed at how some of my fellow wedding vendors show up dressed for work.

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Some Questions to Ask Your DJ

Here’s a great article we came across recently with a few essential questions to ask your DJ. I’m sure there are at least a few that you haven’t thought of yourself yet. Check it out:

Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

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6 Things to Ask Your Venue: A Wedding DJ’s Perspective

You’ve already read through the lists of questions you’re supposed to ask before you book your wedding venue.  Well, here are a few more you may not have thought of.

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Most Requested Wedding Music of 2014

When it comes to picking songs for your wedding– whether it’s aisle music or first dance music or the last song of the night– there are no hard and fast rules.  It’s your day after all, and music is one important way to make it your own.

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Putting Together a Timeline

You’ve got your venue, your photographer, your DJ, your dress, and your caterer.  You’ve sent out invitations and gotten most of your guest list finalized (as a side note– what’s up with people not RSVPing?  How rude!).  It would have been nice to have a wedding planner, but the budget wouldn’t allow it.  Or maybe you’ve hired a day-of coordinator (very good move, by the way), but she won’t be on the scene until a week or so before the wedding.
In the mean time, your DJ and caterer have asked for a timeline, and you don’t really know where to start.   When do we do our first dance?  How long does dinner last?  Are people going to dance for an hour or two hours or three hours, or twenty minutes??  We have the venue until 10:00– is that enough time to fit everything in?  Or too much time???  Ack!

This weekend’s bride doing some last-minute timeline tweeks. Clearly, it’s all under control.

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The Backyard Wedding


Paper lanterns, uplighting and heaters turn this backyard into a proper wedding venue!

It’s a great way to cut corners. With half the money you would have spent on a more traditional venue, you can deck out a good-sized backyard. That probably means shaving off at least a grand from your wedding expenses, which is nothing to sneeze at (who sneezes at things anyway?)

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