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It’s Electric! Making sure your wedding gets the power it deserves

Anything could happen. Most likely, everything will go just fine, and you will have exactly that sassy, stylish, and happy wedding you’ve been planning. But anything could happen, and one of the most common– especially at those cute little rustic venues on the outskirts of San Diego– arises from that thing none of us ever thinks about but we all constantly depend on: electricity.

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Let’s Get Flexible

A little drizzle?  We can work with that!

A little drizzle? We can work with that!

You really should have a plan, and you really should stick to it.  But… you really should be flexible, too.  I know, I know: you are flexible.  Of course you are. But if you happen to come along a bride or groom you suspect could use a little more flexibility, please pass this along to them. 😉

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Kari & David: THE GUITAR

Tom Ham's Lighthouse

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

Most brides and grooms work really hard on making their wedding day classy and elegant, but if they’re not careful, they might end up doing almost too good of a job!
So we love any time a couple manages to “loosen up” what could otherwise have been a beautiful but stiff atmosphere, and that’s exactly what Kari and David did recently at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse in San Diego. With the traditional church ceremony and a beautiful reception location overlooking the San Diego harbor and its downtown skyline, they already had all the elegance and class they needed. But check out these little touches they added for just the right amount of reality in their fairy tale.

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6 Things to Ask Your Venue: A Wedding DJ’s Perspective

You’ve already read through the lists of questions you’re supposed to ask before you book your wedding venue.  Well, here are a few more you may not have thought of.

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Putting Together a Timeline

You’ve got your venue, your photographer, your DJ, your dress, and your caterer.  You’ve sent out invitations and gotten most of your guest list finalized (as a side note– what’s up with people not RSVPing?  How rude!).  It would have been nice to have a wedding planner, but the budget wouldn’t allow it.  Or maybe you’ve hired a day-of coordinator (very good move, by the way), but she won’t be on the scene until a week or so before the wedding.
In the mean time, your DJ and caterer have asked for a timeline, and you don’t really know where to start.   When do we do our first dance?  How long does dinner last?  Are people going to dance for an hour or two hours or three hours, or twenty minutes??  We have the venue until 10:00– is that enough time to fit everything in?  Or too much time???  Ack!

This weekend’s bride doing some last-minute timeline tweeks. Clearly, it’s all under control.

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